I didn’t exactly start my career at WTEN (ABC affiliate in Albany, NY). But I began my working life there. My first job at 16 was working in the tapes room and I continued to work at WTEN for a few years – studio camera, even master control before I left, even working summers during college. While I was there, I learned that Ted Knight began his television career at the very same station! Let’s recap: his hometown was my maternal grandparent’s hometown – neighbors! – and I end up working in the studio he began his career in, in another state.

Here is what I found in the WTEN archives under “Knight, Ted Obituary” which ran in August 1986 at the time of his death. This is the audio of the obituary:

I also uncovered a LOT of photos that the station historian let me borrow.  My favorite photo of the group shows him as his stage name “Windy Knight,” a person who introduced western movies on the air for Channel 10 in the years 1955-1957. I’m still very much looking for footage or pictures of him at the station. While anything from his Windy Knight days will be almost impossible to find, Knight worked the CP Center telethons in Albany with Gavin MacLeod in the early 70s, and there is a possiblity some of this footage exists somewhere. I am told that since the telethon was on the air at 11:00 at night, Knight would do the local news Ted Baxter style and that it was hilarious to watch!

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  1. Wow. This is great to see. My father was Carl Hiens Roth. Ted use to come over to our home in Los Angeles for actong lessons.
    He come into my room and joke around woth me .
    His wife Dottie and my mother, Karen Lind also an actress and drama coach use to get together aftet Ted died.
    Thanks for sharing this!)

  2. Met ted knight in 1970 when I was 11 years old at the CP Telethon at the Washington Ave Armory , me and my two brothers and some neighborhood kids were standing in line waiting to get what we thought was free food from Carroll’s Hamburgers Ted was behind us , we got up to the front of the booth and they broke the news to us that YUP ITS NOT FREE we started to walk away and Mr.Night said wait a minute young men your dinners on me , WOW!
    He also gave us all glossy prints of him and autographed them all !!!! I never forgot this and never missed an episode of MTM. Later on in my late 20s I had the honor of delivering Cloris Leachmans lost luggage when she did the play Granny Moses at the Palace Theater she was very nice also !!!!

  3. I remember watching Ted’s show after school. He had a Toby mug on his desk (a coffee mug with a face on it) dressed like one of the Dutch patroons, and his name was Peter Patroon. The face looked human and somehow it looked like his lips were moving…wild! Patroons were the big wealthy land owners in the Albany, NY area that first settled the area hundreds of years ago. It was known then as New Amsterdam, not Albany. Ted was silly and often broke himself up on air, like that counterpart of his on WNYT, Freddy Friendly. And let’s not forget Glendora from Channel six. She is a friend of mine, now in her nineties. She lives in Nassau, NY.

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