Stage Playbill

I don’t know how much stage acting Ted Knight did, but I did acquire this playbill for a show “Some of My Best Friends”



Andrew Mumford TED KNIGHT
Irving Buxbaum LEE WALLACE
Lawrence Mumford BOB BALABAN
Dorothy Mumford ALICE DRUMMOND
Delivery Boy & Urchins JOSEPH SCALZO

Act I – Scene I

Morning … Living Room Studio of Andrew Mumford in Manhattan

Act II – Scene II

The Following Day


Act II – Scene I

Late The Same Night

Act II – Scene II

Several Days Later

Who’s Who in the Cast

TED KNIGHT (Andrew Mumford) entertained millions of viewers every Saturday night for seven years as the egocentric anchorman, Ted Baxter, on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show.” For his outstanding work on that series, Mr. Knight won two Emmy Awards in 1972 and again in 1975 as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Role. He is, however, equally at home on stage as he is before the cameras. His training was in the theatre. After two and a half intensive years of study at the Randall School of Fine Arts in Connecticut, and two and a half years at the American Theatre Wing in New Work where he worked with Joe Kramm, Myra Rostova and Boris Tumarin, he went on to work with Max Fisher and Carl Heins Roth who was an exponent of the Max Reinhardt Theatre. He then left for the West Coast where he continured to play leading roles in over 20 theatrical productions. At the Pasadena Playhouse he received critial acclaim for his portrayal of Stephen Douglas in The Rivalry. At the Player’s Ring in West Hollywood, Mr. Knight starred in productions of Critic’s Choice, Compulsion, Case of Libel and again received much critical acclaim for his outstanding performace as E. K. Hornbeck in Inherit the Wind. He also starred in several shows at The Omnibus Theatre and the Sombrero Playhouse in Phoenix, Arizona. On radio, he has appeared on such classic shows as “Big Town” and “Suspense.” Mr. Knight recently formed his own company, Kono Productions, Inc., with producer/partner Ned Shankman. Their first venture, “The Ted Knight Musical Comedy Variety Special Special,” aired on CBS in November 1976, receiving excellent reviews. His future plans include a new TV series for CBS.

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